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Elephant and Chameleon

Elephant and Chameleon

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The Bari, also known as the Karo, are a Nilotic ethnic group primarily located in South Sudan, as well as in neighboring parts of Northwestern Uganda. The Bari people speak the Bari language as their mother tongue and are widely known as one of the most peaceful tribes in South Sudan. They are known for their hospitality and are welcoming to people who visit their communities and show them respect.

This folktale features a Chameleon and Elephant, who have different opinions about who is faster. Chameleon thinks that Elephant is too fat to win, while Elephant believes that Chameleon's legs are too short for him to win. The story follows their race to find out who is faster and settle their dispute.

Book Details

Type of Book: Folklore

Book's Lanuage:

Author/Curator: Diana Nawatene

Illustrator: Awodi Daniel

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