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Gipir and Labongo

Gipir and Labongo

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The Acoli people, who speak the L‘b Acoli language, inhabit the cultural region of Acoliland in Northern Uganda, comprising eight districts, including Gulu, Kitgum, and Pader. The legend of Gipir and Labongo has been passed down through generations as a story about the separation of the Luo people in Pubungu many years ago.

The story of the spear and beads tells of how Gipir and Labongo went their separate ways after a disagreement, ultimately giving rise to the present-day Acoli in Northern Uganda and the Alur in West Nile. The Luo people were split into two clans, the Labongo and the Gipir, with Wang Lee serving as the boundary between them. In order for peace to prevail in Pubungu, the people had to learn to respect and accept the boundary. Since then, the people of Pubungu have respected the boundary, and the two families have coexisted peacefully.

Book Details

Type of Book: Folklore

Book's Lanuage:

  • English

Author/Curator: Isaac Watum

Illustrator: Coleb Butungi

Reading Level

Upper Primary

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