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One Step at a Time

One Step at a Time

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According to the Uganda National Association of Cerebral Palsy(UNAC), people with Cerebral Palsy are among the most marginalized persons with disability in Uganda. The current National strategies, plans, statistics, and reports do not recognize people with Cerebral Palsy as a major category of disability. They are considered among “other categories of disabilities.” This has affected their access to services, especially health care.

Living with a disability is already something difficult on its own. This is not just for the one with the disability but also for the family members of the disabled ones. On top of the extra effort needed to care for those with a disability, families face psychological torture and mental distress from members of the community. Many times they are isolated, spoken ill of, or even sidelined during community activities. It is important that we rally behind those dealing with these disabilities. We need to play a role in lightening the burden of families dealing with such issues. We need to be advocates for a healthy and safe environment for all, in spite of their abilities or disabilities.

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Type of Book: Modern

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  • English

Author/Curator: Janet Labak

Illustrator: Kelvin Kilamah

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