Featured Book (Free Digital Access)

Pangea Publishing Uganda produces culturally, linguistically relevant reading materials with an early-grade focus. Our books are locally authored, illustrated, and produced in the communities they are read in.  

At Pangea, we believe access to culturally relevant children's books is a key component in meaningful literacy development. For that reason, Pangea provides free digital access to a featured book.

The current featured book is Twins in Trouble. Twins in Trouble is a folklore story curated from the Buganda Kingdom. In this story, Kato and Waswa love playing with slingshots. One day, Kato and Waswa see ripe mangoes on the tree and begin shooting them with their slingshots. Trouble comes when Kato misses shooting at the mango and shoots something else. This book's curriculum level is primary 1. We hope you enjoy!

Here is a link to access the book on mobile.