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Nina Goes to School

Nina Goes to School

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In Uganda, a significant proportion of the population - 4 out of every 25 individuals - lives with a disability. This refers to a lasting and significant impairment in the use of certain parts of the body in day-to-day activities. Unfortunately, individuals with disabilities in Uganda face limited access to education and other essential services. Additionally, negative attitudes towards people with disabilities are prevalent in communities, with many seeing them only through the lens of their disability. This attitude severely restricts the opportunities available to those with disabilities, making it difficult for them to access support and basic services in their communities.

Meanwhile, Nina is struggling to make friends at school. However, her luck changes when Tom comes across some pictures of her and shares them with the other students. This small act of kindness results in Nina gaining a new friend that day, and subsequently more and more classmates begin to befriend her.

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Type of Book: Modern

Book's Lanuage:

  • English

Author/Curator: Diana Nawatene

Illustrator: Joseph Kalwanyi

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Pangea's COVID Learning Series was recognized as a 2X revolutionary innovation by UNESCO-IBE and the Global Education Innovation Initiative at Harvard University featured in Learning to Build Back Better Futures for Education.