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Positive Living

Positive Living

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HIV/AIDS impacts numerous individuals, including children, and often leads to discrimination from others who fear contracting the disease. Due to a lack of awareness, many individuals with HIV/AIDS are unaware of their status and don't receive necessary treatment in a timely manner.

It's crucial for everyone to visit a hospital for HIV testing, and for those with sick loved ones, it's essential to provide support and care. It's important to note that HIV/AIDS is not transmitted through everyday activities like sharing, playing, or eating together, but rather through sharing sharp objects, blood transfusions, sex, and sometimes from mother to child during birth.

Let's prioritize taking care of one another and ensuring that individuals with HIV/AIDS feel loved and supported.

The story revolves around Matilda, who was born with HIV and faces emotional abuse from her community. She questions whether she can overcome these challenges and live a normal life.

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Type of Book: Modern

Book's Lanuage:

  • English

Author/Curator: Diana Nawatene

Illustrator: Coleb Butungi

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