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The Meat Lovers

The Meat Lovers

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story takes place in Pader District in Northern Uganda, which is part of a cultural region known as Acoliland. The Acoli people, who speak the L‘b Acoli language, call this region home. Acoliland is known for its breathtaking landscapes, flora, fauna, rivers, birds, and most importantly, fertile land.

In Acoli Traditional Folktales, there are stories about small animals, Hare and Oculi, who lived among big animals in the past. Due to their small and weak nature, they had to rely on wisdom to survive in a challenging environment. The Acoli people use this story to teach that wisdom is more valuable than strength. With quick and clever decision-making, one can avoid or overcome difficulties.

Despite being small and weak, Hare and Oculi love to eat meat. They come up with a plan to capture Leopard and eat him. Will they be successful in their plan?

Book Details

Type of Book: Folklore

Book's Lanuage:

  • English

Author/Curator: Isaac Watum

Illustrator: Kelvin Kilamah

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